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Medication questions? Ask a Pharmacist!

Every year or so I do an “Ask the Pharmacist” show on Healthy Matters.  These are always popular shows with listeners and this week was no exception.  Joining me in studio were two HCMC pharmacists, Laurie Wilhite and Erika Ridl. … Continue reading

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Seasonal allergies and . . . ah-ah-ah-choo! . . . you.

I’ve had allergies for the past 49 years. Seriously.  Started when I was two years old. My big problem is congested sinuses and nose.  Loud breathing at night – drives my wife crazy just as it probably drove my folks … Continue reading

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Aspirin: should you take it?

There was a big development in health care news this week.  The buzz is all about the latest guidelines on aspirin since our friends at the US Preventive Services Task Force updated the recommendations.  It came out in the Annals … Continue reading

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Healing wounds, preserving limbs

This post is all about wound healing, hyperbaric oxygen, and fluorescent microangiography.   Now if that doesn’t get your attention . . . Here’s a preview of what you will find in this post – lots of multimedia clips and … Continue reading

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Pearls from Medical Science – High Blood Pressure

Reading this stuff . . . so you don’t have to. One goal of mine for this blog is to connect people to medical science. But ask any doctor – staying current on the latest in medical evidence is not … Continue reading

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Glaucoma is like pushing on a basketball

We learned a ton of stuff about the eye on today’s Healthy Matters broadcast.  We mostly focused on glaucoma (good pun, eh. . .  see how I said focused while talking about vision . . .  oh never mind).  We also touched on … Continue reading

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