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Concerned about allergies? Maybe you should feed your baby some peanut butter

OK, first off that is a delish-looking bowl of peanut butter in this picture.  And I love peanut butter.  Especially on a banana.  Anybody else put peanut butter on bananas?  Or apples?  I put it on both! Seriously that is … Continue reading

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My dog is a slob: staying upright and avoiding falls (and a patient story)

Before I get started on this post . . .  I have started reading How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman, which is the selection for our online Healthy Matters book club.  Check out the recent post about it here and start … Continue reading

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Book club: start reading “How Doctors Think”

The first time I did a book club selection was after I had read a book and I was really excited to share it with you.  That was in March 2016 and the book was When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi.  If you … Continue reading

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Quick tips: stroke symptoms, swollen legs, and glucose levels

Lots of questions from listeners on the show this week and time did not permit me to get to all of them.  So nothing fancy in this post.  Just quick answers on a range of topics from actual listeners. If … Continue reading

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Skin cancer is as easy as A-B-C . . . and D . . . and E

May is Skin Cancer Month and Monday, May 2 is “Melanoma Monday” so let’s talk about your skin.  You probably have heard many times about many types of illness –  “Catch it early and it is really treatable but catch … Continue reading

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