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November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

My grandfather, Heizel “Bill” Hilden, before he died used to say the goofiest things.  One doozy that I remember was when he flatly reported that the cane he carried came from the moon. It was a lovely gnarly wooden cane with … Continue reading

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Insomnia Part 2: “Sleep is incredibly behavioral” (VIDEOS)

Hey, Early Birds and Night Owls! This post is the second part about insomnia which is a topic I’m finding resonates with a whole lot of people.  If you missed Part 1 about Insomnia, I recommend reading that post here … Continue reading

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The 36-hour shift

I was reading the paper this morning over my tea and crumpets when this headline caught my attention: “First-year doctors would be allowed to work 24-hour shifts under new rules” Now there’s a topic near to my heart, so I … Continue reading

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