9th year of Healthy Matters. . . and you have homework

japanese_urban_expwy_sign_number_9Friends, in January we will be launching the 9th year of the Healthy Matters radio broadcast on WCCO 830 AM radio!

When HCMC decided to produce a radio show in late 2008, they put out a call for a host.  I was minding my own business practicing general internal medicine, when two friends of mine (thanks, Anne and Heidi) independently prodded me to audition.  After all, they both knew me well and pretty much said I talk a whole lot so why not give it a try.  So I did an audition tape at the Minneapolis WCCO studio and in January 2009 we launched the first Healthy Matters show.

I thought it would last 6 months or a year, tops.

That was 8 years and 416 shows ago.  9numbernineincircle

My friend and co-host Denny Long and I are still on the air because of one thing and one thing only: you the listeners!


Here’s the homework assignment


To celebrate our 9th year, I want to compile the Top Nine Reasons you listen to the show. So I have a request:  leave me a comment below  on this post with the top reason you listen to the show.

Or you can send me a Tweet @DrDavidHilden using the hashtag #HealthyMatters

Special Christmas Eve show

I’ll compile the Top Nine and read them on the air at our special Christmas Eve show, which will be on Saturday, December 24 at 7:00 a.m (Central time) on WCCO 830 AM in the upper Midwest and streaming live on WCCO.COM

200px-bundesautobahn_9_numberWhy do you listen?  Is it a specific medical topic?  Maybe you like the range of expert guests?  Maybe it is the Open Lines shows?  Maybe you just like the sound of Denny Long’s voice (I know I do!).  Maybe it is to hear me get stumped with a medical question that I can’t answer!  Maybe your wife makes you listen and you actually wish you were watching football instead.  Ha.

Whatever it is – leave a comment below or send it to me with a Tweet @DrDavidHilden using #HealthyMatters.

Maybe I’ll read it on the air on Christmas Eve!

motorway_exit_9_irelandAnd I am genuinely thankful for you, the listeners.  You’re the best.




20 thoughts on “9th year of Healthy Matters. . . and you have homework

  1. We listen because of the special guests sharing their wisdom along with your common sense approach to peoples’ concerns. You’re always so chipper too and we need more of happy people like you in our lives. (We still can’t picture you driving around in a little MiniCooper though!)

  2. Hey Dr. Hilden……I am a long time listener. I listen to you on your podcast every week as I do my daily physical therapy as I have a chronic pain condition that has changed my life in every possible way. Pretty simple why I listen. I have grown to trust you. You are a very sharp doctor, you are open minded enough to include some holistic and other treatments that maybe have not (yet) become widely accepted but need to be explored and your humorous comments help lighten the mood of the show! Also, please know that we can feel through your comments that you are compassionate to your listeners medical issues and challenges. We need this show and you are the right doctor for the job. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  3. I like the open lines show, but I also like the specific topics covered especially when the topic being covered is pertinent to one of the conditions I am currently experiencing. I have been very impressed by the responses to questions from listeners. You and the guests on the show treat every caller very respectfully. You take every question in a serious manner and admit when you don’t feel qualified to respond.
    Great show!

  4. Although I’m 82 and have never been hospitalized – I find it interesting to listen to your discussions of a wide range of issues. The day may come when the topic will my personal concern.

  5. I listen to learn more about my health issues and also what new treatments are available. In addition, I often learn what things not to do. Your show is extremely valuable to me. Thank you very much!!

  6. You ask, “why do we listen to you every Sunday morning on WCCO? We love you and your host, Denny Long. You love what you are doing. Giving honest answers to sometimes very difficult questions. We love your detailed respectful consideration for people who are really hurting or afraid of their ailments. We all respect you for your sincere concern for listeners. You love your work and it is obvious you love to help your faithful patients. You are everyone’s Doctor. Thank you for being the best doctor on 50,000 watts.

  7. Your show is a staple in my Sunday morning!!….My favorite is by far the open line shows–I always feel like I learn something new from each show….congratulations on 9 years???

  8. I retired from HCMC 2 years ago, and this is my way of keeping in touch with the great work that goes on at HCMC.

  9. I think your program on Sunday mornings is great and very educational. I have encouraged folks to listen to your program as it will help them to better understand their bodies and live a healthier life. As a nurse of many years, I’ve even learned a few things I can pass on to others!!

  10. I listen for the surprise! I always learn something new, but may be surprised at what it is. I like YOUR voice too (along with Denny’s) ?

  11. Open line shows. The ones with guests spend too much time talking to them and not many calls or text get answered. Also why does Denny keep repeating the numbers if the lines are full?

  12. I started listening to your show because we got rid of cable (I miss Charles Osgood…). I keep listening because I love to learn. I also developed a fairly rare autoimmune disorder several years ago… I take in many sources of potentially helpful info to be as “normal” as possible. The tone of your show is so pleasant, too. (ditto Misters Walker and Steve above)

  13. I started listening because you came on after Naturalist, Jim Gilbert! But I have continued to listen because of the practical, easy to understand information that you share with us. You make technical medical terms something we all can understand and follow. Thank you!!

  14. I totally enjoy listening to you as each one of us has to be our own best advocate for our health. You explain in laymen terms which is always helpful for those of us that lack medical degrees. I do notice that many people will call you after seeing their own doctor and obviously did not get all their answers they needed ! Enjoy all the specialists you have on the air.
    Thanks so much and hope to hear you for many more years.

  15. As a retired public health nurse I appreciate the information you give in an easy to understand way and rarely miss a program. Of course I wish you’d have more public health nurses on to explain what they can do to help individuals and families and differeniate the difference between public health and home care and promote the special relationship between the Mn Visiting Nursing Agency and HCMC. It would be helpful if you would encourgage ‘well child’ exams prior to school starting in the the fall as they are for all kids and not just sports physicals & kids need shots for school. I truly hope that WCCO and HCMC continue this program for many many more years and that listners come to realize that HCMC is a hospital not just for ‘poor people’ but for everyone and that it trains so many professionals working state wide.

  16. I listen every Sunday morning while getting ready to go to the skating rink. Especially interesting are Open Line shows and then when a special topic
    pops up, I stop and really listen.Please don’t stop because we all need what you have to offer us!

  17. When thinking about the reason I listen is when people ask you for direction that they either couldn’t or wouldn’t ask their doctor. In other words, they feel safe speaking to you and somewhat anonymous.

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