A “Decade with Dave” – Mark your calendars

Hennepin Healthcare’s Clinic and Specialty Center

Wow.  Healthy Matters is in the midst of our 10th year on the air on WCCO Radio.  I am celebrating 10 years of joining many of you – over the airwaves – for breakfast, coffee, and some fun health and wellness chat.

To celebrate this “Decade with Dave” my Hennepin Healthcare crew and I are planning a really special event – a LIVE broadcast of Healthy Matters from our Clinic and Specialty Center in downtown Minneapolis.

We have never done anything like this before!

The show will be at its usual 7:30 am time on Sunday, June 10.  What I hope for is to fill the atrium of the Hennepin Healthcare Clinic and Specialty Center with Healthy Matters listeners.   I’ll have some of our favorite expert guests attending so you can meet them.  We’ll do a Q&A, check out the new building, and have coffee together. So mark your calendars for Sunday, June 10, and register for this free event by going to www.hennepinhealthcare.org/here4health to RSVP for the “Decade with Dave” celebration – seats will be limited!

Until then, I have a request . . .

Over the past “Decade with Dave” I have heard countless stories of listeners.   Among them:

  • Several of you come to the Minnesota State Fair every summer to hear the show live.
  • There was the person who listened to the live stream of the show from South Africa.
  • One patient at HCMC specifically informed the paramedics that he wanted to go only to HCMC because he was a loyal Healthy Matters listener.
  • Loads of you have told me that you listen to the show while getting ready for church.

So I want to hear your Healthy Matters story. To do so, please leave me a comment in the “Reply” section below.  Tell me where you listen from, or what church you attend when listening, or if you listen online, or the strangest place you have listened from, or anything else you want to share.

I’ll talk about some of our stories on the air in the coming months!

Here’s to you, my friends and listeners,

David  (aka host of Healthy Matters, aka the “Dave” part of “Decade with Dave”)



9 thoughts on “A “Decade with Dave” – Mark your calendars

  1. 10 Years! Up at 7;00. Jim and the birds and lce outs at 7:15. Dr. David at 7:30. Off to unlock the church doors, turn on the lights, and make the 1st pot of coffee at Mizpah UCC in Hopkins at 8:00.

  2. I have been listening every Sunday for the whole 10 years as I get ready for church. Our parish is The Church of Our Lady in Manannah, a tiny town in rural Meeker county. Originally our Mass was at 9:15 a.m., so we could listen to the whole program and then leave for church. Now we share priests with two other parishes and our Mass starts at 8:30 a.m. Since I am the organist, I need to be there early. I can catch the start of Healthy Matters, but am glad that I can hear the rest online later. Thanks for all of the excellent information throughout the years.

  3. I have listened to the broadcast from my kitchen whenever I can for several years. It’s because of the broadcast that I pushed through my dread of trying to find a primary care physician. nn After 20+ years of not having a primary, I took the leap of faith based upon the “Healthy Matters” program and made arrangements to get started with the Medicine Clinic downtown. The young lady who helped me asked me what my preferences were regarding a primary care physician, and my response was someone that was ‘nice’ and wouldn’t talk over me or bully me, like I’d experienced in the past. She didn’t hesitate and quickly suggested Dr. Elizabeth Goelz.

    That was over 3 years ago and I haven’t looked back. We have a wonderful, positive relationship based upon trust & openness. It’s a great feeling of relief and security knowing that I am partnered with a terrific doctor. Thanks for your show!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don’t remember not listening to this program the last ten years except for times we were out of town. One of the broadcasts several years ago, included a physician who was a specialist in hearing disorders of children. I called in, spoke to her about our son’s hearing defect which wasn’t diagnosed until 1979 when he was ten years old. My question to her was if my being on the drug Dilantin for three months during the time our son was conceived would have caused his birth defect. She didn’t have a ready answer but took my contact info and within a few days her reply came back positive. How wonderful to finally have an answer for our son and us!

  5. I am a retired pediatrician living in southern Minnesota who did my first clinical rotation at HCMC more than 50 years ago. One of my patients had mumps and I got it, then was hospitalized on isolation at University Hospitals for two weeks! I remember that Dick Raile told me he thought I should be immune and would not recommend gamma globulin. We became good friends when I was director of education at Minneapolis Children’s.

    I enjoy your program and listen most Sundays. Thanks for the time and effort you put into it.
    Karen Olness MD

  6. Listen to you in the morning on WCCO. Great information for all. A question on annual physicals. My husband and I are used to having full annual physicals which his employer’s insurance would cover. He recently retired so we now have entered the world of Medicare. Interesting and challenging. We purchased our supplement through United Healthcare- Extended Basic Plan. The plan allows for flexibility with choices of physicians. So I am ready to go for my annual physical but find that Medicare will only cover a “Wellness Visit”. I have been told that the this visit is a conversation with the doctor and nothing like the normal physical that we have received in the past. We are both healthy and have no health issues. I have been told we may have to pay for any normal routine physical procedures if done at this appointment. Any recommendations or suggestions on how we can receive the annual exams we used to get through an employer’s insurance plan. It seems if we had health issues, Medicare would cover the appointment and treatments. So I feel because we watch our health and are proactive on staying healthy we are being penalized. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  7. :have listened to you every sunday morning for the 10 years . just lye in bed and listen til your done .have called in once also, wish you were my doctor Marlene from wisconsin

  8. I just listen from home every Sunday .never missed a sunday.have called in a couple of times wish you were my doctor.like your sense of humor. marlene from wisconsin

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