A doctor’s diary from a pandemic: Art and medicine

Photo credit: Twin Cities Public Television, tpt.org

It’s been a while and I’m getting pandemic fatigue. I’m too exhausted to do much of anything, including blog posts, but recently I was fortunate to be part of something really special. Happily, my friend and terrific doctor, Dr. Jon Hallberg, has put together something to help us re-connect with the arts. Read on for a brief intro and then look for important links at the end of this post.

Jon is a doctor at M Health Fairview Mill City Clinic, just a Hail Mary pass over USBank Stadium from my office at Hennepin Healthcare in downtown Minneapolis. Jon has for years produced Hippocrates Cafe (info on the live productions here) which is a performance event that explores health care topics through the arts. I’ve been to a live Hippocrates Cafe and was treated to song, poetry, comedy, music, and laughter.

So I am so thankful that Dr. Hallberg, along with his colleague Dr. Renee Crichlow, a talented group of folks at Twin Cities Public Television, and the University of Minnesota Medical School Center for the Art of Medicine, has produced a virtual version of Hippocrates Cafe. It premiered last week on Twin Cities Public Television and now is streaming online. I was honored to be featured in one segment, a one-minute poetry reading of Bouquet by John Patrick Murray which you can watch by clicking the link. (Also, how cool is it that my medical school has a Center for the Art of Medicine program?)

The show also features:

  • A gorgeous string quartet with members of the Minnesota Orchestra, Minnesota Opera Orchestra, and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra.
  • A short film on what Shakespeare really did during the plague lockdown.
  • A lovely piece composed and played by Covid-19 survivor Nachito Herrera
  • A song from the voice and soul of Minnesota favorite T. Mychael Rambo.
  • Porch portraits. Poignant stories from a gorgeous diversity of cultures. Incredible photography. And much more.

I suggest you take an hour and re-connect with the arts. Here are links to stream it online or watch on TV.

Photo credit: Twin Cities Public Television, tpt.org

Links to Hippocrates Cafe: Reflections on the Pandemic

Thanks for checking in. And next time you hear Dr. Jon Hallberg dispense medical wisdom on Minnesota Public Radio, remember he is also a champion of the arts. Awesome.

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2 thoughts on “A doctor’s diary from a pandemic: Art and medicine

  1. Thank you for taking time to create and send a diversion to your readers and patients. I loved the one-minute reading of Bouquet by Dr. Murray. I didn’t make it past the second “Come back to me” line before tears were rolling down my cheeks at the sheer magnitude of what you (heroes) do each day. Sincere thanks.

  2. Thanks for this Wonderful and Inspiring Hippocrates Cafe. I would be interested to share my Covid Drawings ( which are humorous Ir some of the drawings I have done at HHC.
    Thanks so much for sharing this uplifting video.

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