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A variety of everyday health concerns . . . from the Fair!

Last Sunday I joined 197,890 of my closest friends at the Minnesota State Fair.  Along with the best radio person in the business, Denny Long, I did a live, in-person broadcast of Healthy Matters.  This was our 451th (!) live … Continue reading

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Ask the Dermatologist!

Hey hey! A couple of weeks ago on the Healthy Matters radio show we featured two of my colleagues from Dermatology, Drs. Jenny Liu and Erin Luxenberg.  You’ll find us in the photo to the left in the WCCO studios … Continue reading

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Burns 1-2-3

Hey hey we are going to talk about burn injuries to your skin in this post.  It’s a follow-up to the radio broadcast of last week where I talked with a burn surgeon.  We learned some really important information about … Continue reading

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Skin cancer is as easy as A-B-C . . . and D . . . and E

May is Skin Cancer Month and Monday, May 2 is “Melanoma Monday” so let’s talk about your skin.  You probably have heard many times about many types of illness –  “Catch it early and it is really treatable but catch … Continue reading

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Quick tips: ABCs of cholesterol and other meaty topics

Hi from the mailbox! Another great Healthy Matters show this week -thanks to the listeners who are up on a Sunday morning – getting dressed, eating breakfast, going to church, drinking their coffee – and tuning in to listen to … Continue reading

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