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Skin cancer is as easy as A-B-C . . . and D . . . and E

May is Skin Cancer Month and Monday, May 2 is “Melanoma Monday” so let’s talk about your skin.  You probably have heard many times about many types of illness –  “Catch it early and it is really treatable but catch … Continue reading

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Medication questions? Ask a Pharmacist!

Every year or so I do an “Ask the Pharmacist” show on Healthy Matters.  These are always popular shows with listeners and this week was no exception.  Joining me in studio were two HCMC pharmacists, Laurie Wilhite and Erika Ridl. … Continue reading

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Seasonal allergies and . . . ah-ah-ah-choo! . . . you.

I’ve had allergies for the past 49 years. Seriously.  Started when I was two years old. My big problem is congested sinuses and nose.  Loud breathing at night – drives my wife crazy just as it probably drove my folks … Continue reading

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Healing wounds, preserving limbs

This post is all about wound healing, hyperbaric oxygen, and fluorescent microangiography.   Now if that doesn’t get your attention . . . Here’s a preview of what you will find in this post – lots of multimedia clips and … Continue reading

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Glaucoma is like pushing on a basketball

We learned a ton of stuff about the eye on today’s Healthy Matters broadcast.  We mostly focused on glaucoma (good pun, eh. . .  see how I said focused while talking about vision . . .  oh never mind).  We also touched on … Continue reading

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The stethoscope of the 21st century?

“That it will ever come into general use, notwithstanding its value, is extremely doubtful; because its beneficial application requires much time and gives a good bit of trouble both to the patient and the practitioner; because its hue and character … Continue reading

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Every 8 seconds: the science of brain injury with Dr. Uzma Samadani

There’s big news from HCMC this week.  Many know that HCMC is the largest provider of TBI care in the state of Minnesota.  But many don’t know that we are also a major research institution and in no area is … Continue reading

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Diabetes care and research with Dr. Elizabeth Seaquist

If you missed the show this morning about diabetes with Dr. Elizabeth Seaquist from the University of Minnesota, you’re going to want to check out the podcast.  She is not only a terrific person to hang out with but she … Continue reading

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The Great Slim Down: Weight loss

Perhaps I don’t have to tell you that in the United States, the percentage of people who are considered overweight or obese continues to get larger with each year.   I like to drive this point home when I am … Continue reading

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Ready to launch . . . HCMC radio doc blog is here!

Welcome to MyHealthyMatters! So where exactly do you get your health information?  Your doctor?  The evening news?  Your Aunt Mildred, you know, the one with the bunion and all the answers?   Maybe you just Google it.  Cable news channels (oh, … Continue reading

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