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Special topics: Lyme disease

Back in April I posted about medical science and what I had learned at my latest continuing education conference (the American College of Physicians conference in San Diego).  Go ahead and re-read that post to get my thoughts on how … Continue reading

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Quick tips: Heart valves, prolapsed uterus, gout

Hey hey hey!   Last week was an “Open Lines’ show and thanks to the best listening audience in the world, I had more questions than I had time for answers.  Here’s another edition of Quick Tips from the listener … Continue reading

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Pearls from Medicine Science: Tai chi may be good for arthritis

Reading this stuff . . . so you don’t have to. A few months ago I launched the first in what I hope will become a recurring series:  Pearls from Medical Science.  As many of you know, I strive to … Continue reading

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Quick tips: injecting goo into your knee

Time for a topic from the Healthy Matters mailbag.  Today’s “Open Lines” show was a busy one, and as is the case for these shows, I leave many questions from listeners unanswered, or not fully answered.  Mea culpa, Healthy Matters listeners! … Continue reading

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