Hot topics: let’s hear your ideas!

Here’s your chance to do some radio producing!

Regular listeners to Healthy Matters on WCCO 830 radio and have heard that I have a new co-host. Welcome, Roshini Rajkumar to the Healthy Matters team!

Here’s something cool: Roshini and I are planning to introduce an occasional new format on the show, called Hot Topics, with the first one airing the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Hot Topics shows will feature three health and wellness segments on topics chosen from your ideas. We’ll get into a little more detail than we can at Open Lines shows, but not as much as when we do an in-depth show on a specific topic. Sort of like Goldilocks – just the right amount of info!

So we need your help.

What health and wellness topics would you like to hear us discuss?

Give us a brief suggestion in the comments on this post and maybe we’ll do your topic on the air. Leave your ideas here!

Our first Hot Topics show will be Sunday, November 29 (the Sunday after Thanksgiving).

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