Seasonal allergies and . . . ah-ah-ah-choo! . . . you.

rhododendronI’ve had allergies for the past 49 years. Seriously.  Started when I was two years old.

My big problem is congested sinuses and nose.  Loud breathing at night – drives my wife crazy just as it probably drove my folks crazy in the 60s.  Sneezing over and over and over until I think my eyeballs are going to pop out and fly across the yard and land in the bird bath.

Perhaps you can relate.

I was recently going through a box of old stuff from my childhood (my Mom was good at keeping records, I guess).  I uncovered a gem of a letter from my pediatrician from when I was not yet three years old.  Literally typed out probably on an old IBM Selectric in courier font.  I remember the smell of his office in that donut-shaped building by Southdale in Edina.  Proof-positive that I have been suffering from allergies since the winter of 1966.   To bolster my street cred on this, I’ve included as Exhibit A that very letter that for some reason my Mom kept all these years.

DH Wilder ltr

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