Medication questions? Ask a Pharmacist!

pills-dispenser-966334__180Every year or so I do an “Ask the Pharmacist” show on Healthy Matters.  These are always popular shows with listeners and this week was no exception.  Joining me in studio were two HCMC pharmacists, Laurie Wilhite and Erika Ridl.  We answered questions from listeners about all kinds of medication topics.

To hear the Q&A from our pharmacy show you may want to listen to the podcast here.

I learned a ton on Sunday’s show but two of the take home messages are 1) you are not alone if you have medication questions and 2) your pharmacist is most definitely your friend.

Actually, I hope to educate folks about one thing in this post:  MTM (or Medication Therapy Management).  Ever heard of it?  I didn’t think so.  Read on, read on. Continue reading “Medication questions? Ask a Pharmacist!”