Home, sweet (medical) home

A cute little steep roofed home and fence

Hey and how are ya?  C’mon in, grab a cup of coffee.  Thanks for stopping by to my Healthy Matters home.

Today I’m going to talk about Health Care Homes, aka Medical Homes, aka the Next-Generation-of-Medical-Delivery, aka the Clinic-Where-Everybody-Knows-Your-Name, aka the World’s Greatest Clinic Idea, aka the Clinic-System-We-All-Wish-We-Had.

You may have heard, but probably not, about Medical Homes.  It is a term that has appeared in the past few years, really gaining traction around 2010 when the Affordable Care Act became law in the United States.  Medical homes are an attempt to make the health care system more patient-friendly, less fragmented, easier to navigate, and more cost-effective.

To start, please watch the following video about the HCMC Coordinated Care Clinic, a nationally-recognized and award-winning program in the Health Care Home model.   The doctor in the video (Dr. Paul Johnson) was and is a colleague and teacher of mine.  He’s wicked smart and simply an awesome doctor. 

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